The Cartoons series (cartoons) are incredibly beautiful and high-quality scooters created on the basis of the unique innovative development of the third generation Small Rider Turbo.


The "Turbo" scooter is controlled by tilting the child's body and has a unique swivel mechanism (different from other scooters) that is perfectly calibrated - not too light and not too tight. Thanks to this, easy handling and high maneuverability of the scooter are achieved.

Height adjustment

The handle of the scooter has several height levels, which is convenient in order to adjust the scooter to the dimensions of your child. In the lowest position of the handle, you can ride from 2 years old, and the highest position is suitable for children 6-7 years old.


The wheels of the "Turbo 2" scooter are not only big and beautiful, but also luminous! Two front and rear wheels light up. Several color diodes shimmer when riding, which creates a magical atmosphere! It looks incredibly beautiful when it gets a little dark. It turns out the effect of a real spaceship!

Removable handle

If necessary, the scooter handle can be removed. To do this, you need to squeeze out two tongues from the bottom of the scooter.

In this form, the scooter will be convenient to transport or store. However, even when assembled, the Turbo scooter is quite compact and always ready for action!

Sustainability and security

Thanks to a large platform and stable off-road wheels, the scooter will easily overcome asphalt joints and even paving stones. Cast polyurethane wheels provide excellent traction and roll easily.

Confidence in a scooter is the key to peace of mind and the absence of trouble when riding.


Turbo Cartoons

Brand - Small Rider
Product level - premium
Design options - cartoons
Category - children's three-wheeled scooters
Age - from 3 to 8 years
Maximum load - 50 kg
Platform size - 13x28 cm
Wheels - PU, large, luminous, ABEC-7 bearings
Turns - due to slopes, proprietary mechanism
Handle height adjustment - yes (59-83 cm)
Handle removal function - yes (two tongues from the bottom of the platform)
Grips - Roadster (cartoons)
Foot brake - yes
Scooter weight - 2.9 kg
Weight with box - 3.6 kg
Box dimensions - 60.5 x 15 x 32 cm
Warranty - 12 months

Attention! The scooter must be assembled by an adult.
It is necessary to ride in a helmet and protection in the distance
from dangers (hills, roads, ravines, ponds, etc.).
It is necessary to ride in shoes. Before every ride
an adult must check the performance of the scooter.