Premium Pro

"Premium Pro" is the flagship scooter of the innovative brand "Small Rider".

In the third generation, the scooter is perfected and embodies elite, the highest quality and the most advanced features.

The roar of the motor, the unique spaceship-like decor on the handle, the large light up wheels, the illuminated platform, the signature reliable steering mechanism, the high maximum load and the wide range of handle height adjustment are just a few of its outstanding advantages.

And of course, a unique futuristic and premium design that is eye-catching.

In the 3rd generation of the "Premium Pro" scooter, for the illumination of the platform (scooter deck), an improved lithium battery with a higher capacity is used, which is charged using a type-C cable (included), which you can connect to the charging block of any smartphone, tablet or to the pilot for charging from a conventional 220V outlet.

You can also take a power bank (mobile battery) for a walk and recharge the platform right on the walk.

In the new version, the platform now glows constantly and does not depend on the vibration sensor.

Just 45 minutes of charging gives about 90 minutes of glow.

Luminous platform

Sound effects

Feel new sensations when riding a scooter - the effect of an adult motorcycle!

When you twist the handle of the scooter (which also has a unique structure), you can hear the roar of a real motor! The speaker is located on top of the steering wheel, which makes the sound clearly audible.

To turn the effects on / off, just press the button on the front panel, and the power is powered by regular AAA batteries!

All 3 wheels of the "Premium Pro" light up while riding thanks to multi-colored LEDs!

The wheels are made of cast polyurethane (PU), they are very wide and stable, on them the child will be able to pass the asphalt joints or the area with paving stones without any problems!

Where other scooters fall, the Premium Pro will pass!

A special proprietary tilt control mechanism (the "Premium Pro" scooter has its own), as well as high-precision ABEC-7 bearings will make it easy to maneuver and turn.

Big off-road light up wheels

Video - Lighting Effects

VIDEO - 3rd generation scooter

Both boys and girls love # Premium Pro scooter

Video - "Premium Pro 1"

> Brand - Small Rider
> Category - kids 3-wheeled scooters
> Scooter level class - Premium
> Model - Premium Pro
> Modification - 3rd generation
> Target age - 3-8 years
> Scooter weight - 3.9 kg
> Weight with box - 4.5 kg
> Box - colored, size 61 x 34 x 19 cm
> Maximum load - 70 kg
> Brake - yes, rear
> Country of origin - Russia
> Development -
> Country of origin - China
> Warranty - 2 years


- All 3 wheels are lit (glow resource 200 hours)
- The size of the front wheels - 120 x 50 mm,
- Wheelbase width - 28 cm
- Rear wheel size - 100 x 48 mm
- Wheel material - PU casting (cast from polyurethane), hardness 85A
- Bearings - high precision, Abec-7


- Adjustable in height in the range of 58-85 cm, has 3 adjustment levels


The scooter must be assembled by an adult and checked before each ride. It is necessary to ride in a helmet and protection away from roads, water bodies, slides and other hazards.


- Branded ergonomic “Small Rider” handles with rubber base and anti-slip points. Colored inserts inside.

The diameter of the handles is 34.5 mm, the length for a hand grip is 80 mm, the short part of the handle is movable - it is an accelerator that turns on the roar of the engine.


To turn on the sound module - insert 2xAA batteries (included) and press the button on it once. Then you can rotate the accelerator handle on the steering wheel and the roar of the engine will be heard. To turn off, press the button again.


The size of the footrest is 13 x 30 cm, has a backlight function, lithium battery inside, type-C charging wire. To fully charge 30-60 minutes, glow on one charge for at least 60 minutes.